She`Kab is Pakistan’s first ever subscription based monthly carpool service for working women, girls and children. We connect our registered riders to our pool of trusted drivers who provide shared-monthly transportation services to women & girls. Once you subscribe with your pickup and drop-off locations, we connect you with the available driver on your route. Your estimated fare for one day and for a month will be provided on application while you register or can be found from our website:

We provide women with a better transportation solution which is safe, affordable and reliable. Our drivers are thoroughly vetted and verified to ensure a safer and seamless experience. We follow the smart strategy of carpooling where you can share your ride with 3 co-riders, making your route affordable. Moreover, our mission is to lower CO2 emissions which is only possible by reducing the number of cars on roads. Lastly, we ensure service reliability with backup drivers who each step in to cover for any driver missing on a particular day.

Our mission is to provide hassle free monthly services to women and girls, so they can step out of their houses and realize their true potential. Join us and help us spread the word.

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