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What we do..

SheKab enables progressive women by providing them with hassle free monthly carpool that is safe, affordable & reliable. At SheKab, we are connecting women that travel together.

Why we care?

17 million women in Pakistan struggle with transportation problems every day. Public transportation is horrible in the country. There is one seat available for women as opposed to 15 seats available for men in public vans. One out of every two women using public transport, report cases of harassment. Taxis are highly overpriced, and this results in women, either giving up work completely or spending 4x more than men on safer travel alternatives. We have been changing this with SheKab since December 2015.

How we work?

We use our web based platform, and smartphone App to connect our registered riders with vetted and verified partner drivers(both men and women), who provide them safe, affordable and reliable transportation at a nominal subscription fee, four times less than anything else in the market today. Upon subscription, you will be provided monthly pick and drop services, two times a day for 20/24 working days a month. SheKab is transforming how women travel by providing them with freedom & independence to realize their true potential.

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